6th class 20 -21

We have been together for eight years,

Sharing our hopes, dreams and fears.

Sharing a journey, laughing and growing,

And now off to the Tech you are going.

As school years go, this one has been tough,

With working at home and the online stuff.

It has not been the final year we had hoped,

But we’re amazed at your strength and how well you’ve coped.

What we have learnt in a time like this,

Is what’s truly important and the friends we miss.

Hold on to the memories that we have shared,

Remembering friends and those who cared.

The class of 2021 will hold a place in our heart,

For the courage you’ve shown from the very start.

You have carried on regardless during this period of change,

And continued on when things were strange.

You’re moving on to somewhere new,

Filled with the confidence you need to see you through,

From all at The Commons, we wish you the best,

Smiles and hard work will be your key to success.🙂



Wishing the 6th class of 2020 - 2021 every success and happiness 

as they embark on pastures new. 🙂