6th Class 16-17

Last six hours of national school,

Goodbye is getting near.

The sums and sentences are all done,

The full stop day is here.


Last five hours of national school,

Where everything’s before.

The aims and games and crazes,

No one is crazy for any more.


Last four hours of national school,

Surrounded by a class,

Who’ll scatter soon and not return,

When summer’s days have passed.


Last three hours of national school,

One final lunchtime play,

Instead of chasing friends we try

To chase and catch the day.


Last two hours of national school,

The clock hands blur and skid.

Signing shirts, remembering,

The coolest things we did.



Last one hour of national school,

With Sir who understood.

And helped me see I could achieve,

‘Cos he believed I could.



Last ever second of national school,

The full stop rings in our ears.

But time moves on, and time is right...

And though we leave our childhood site..

There’s a thousand chapters still to write!!




Wishing the sixth class of 2016-2017 every success

and happiness in their years ahead.