5th & 6th Class

Week 5

27th April -1st May


Spellwell:                                 Next Unit and Spellodrome

Fuaimeanna agus Focail:         Next unit

Master Your Maths:                 Daily activity and weekly test on Friday.


  1. A.   Reading Eggspress: 1 full lesson       
  2. B.   Novel of choice: 15 minutes daily
  3. C.   Story: Write a short story (Persuasive writing) Choose one topic:
  • We should not have a school uniform.
  • Nurses and Doctors should be paid more than footballers.
  • All children over 10 should get pocket money.


Chapter 10. Complete written activities.



Mathletics: 1 x lesson



Choose one topic (Either History or Science) from previous lists and present a report or Select your own topic of interest and write about it (any subject or topic).